What is it to be “POSH” the state of being elegant, stylish, or luxurious. What is it to be “GLAMOROUS” an exciting quality that makes people or things appealing and special. We created a collection with these women in mind, we understand being Posh & Glam can look different for each woman. We all can be glamorous in any walk of life. Don't change your life for your hair, the right hair can change your life! Shop with confidence knowing that the Posh Glam Collection offers top quality products that fit your lifestyle and budget.

I just want to thank you for giving me a opportunity to share my vision with you, I am a firm believer in that if you build they will come. My goal is to give you a 5 star experience from the moment you set your appointment! So if being treated like a queen is your goal you’re at the right place follow me on my journey of being the best woman,mother, and stylist I can be. God Bless